Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am frustrated.  Actually, frustrated is an understatement.  My son is in the first grade and has a learning disability, ADD, Anxiety and possible ODD. 
Last April I requested that the CST reevaluate my son for his psych evaluation and IQ test because his first results came back inconclusive because he refused to participate. 
The teacher wanted to hold him back in Kindergarten because of behavior concerns and the CST refused to give me anything more than a BASC test.  The BASC test was enough for the pediatrician to confirm ADHD and start medicating my son this past August.  He is now in the first grade (Thank you IEP for allowing me to decide whether to retain my child) and he started having problems with short term memory loss and a rocking tic.  I took him to a neurologist who told me it was ADD not ADHD what we thought was hyper is actually anxiety.  To confirm he wants my son to have a psych evaluation and IQ test. 
I contacted the CST and they are trying to tell me that they don't have to give him one because he isn't showing these outbursts in school.  Of course he isn't!!  He's MEDICATED during the day.  If I took him off the meds, they would see.  Plus I have last years reports from the teachers and the request from the neurologist.  According to IDEA, the CST must reevaluate upon parental request.  Why are they giving me a hard time? 
I am tired of jumping through hoops to get my son the services he needs to be the most he can be.  Having a disability is hard enough.  Having one that can't be treated because the school refuses to cooperate is bull****!  Anyone have any advice, gone through something similar, etc... Please send some guidance my way.  Thank you!  =)