Friday, May 19, 2006

Sick Day!!

I decided to call out of work sick today, although I feel fine. Some may say that my decision is irresponsible, but let me explain my story. I work in retail (high-end jewelry store) and before I gave birth to Maximus, I worked in Customer Service. After Max was born, and maternity leave was over Rob and I decided I should go back to work part time. So when I spoke to my manager it was okay. One afternoon, (shortly before I had to be in work) I received a phone call from my manager. She explained the only position she had available was Shipping (labor?!) and their would be a pay-cut of $3.50. (why over the phone?!) They would need a decision immediately. So what decision did I have? Could I have said no? If I did I would be out of a job, right? So now I tie the pretty white bow, on the pretty blue box. *ugh* Anyways, as if this wasn't enouhj to upset me? I now, have noy received a paycheck since April 14th. When did I change status to volunteer? I have children to support, bills to pay but does my billion dollar employer care? No, why should they?! When I didn't receive my first paycheck, I called payroll, and they told me when status changes from full-time to part-time; you owe the company, one weeks pay. (I owe them?) That my manager should have informed me. *dumbfounded*

Let me take you forward two weeks to my next pay period. I call the bank for my balance... still negative?! How could that be? I paid them already! A payroll deposit was made in the amount of $46.24 . This can't be right! I worked 40 hours during the pay period! I call and leave a message for my manager. The anxiety eating me up all day, I can still feel it. No call back all day. (This was 1 week ago, today) I get ready for work and get their at 5:50, 10 minute early so I can speak to my manager. She never called payroll!! I will have to wait until Monday. (Does she realize I have a negative bank balance and $7.00?) She feels bad, and on Tuesday she personally goes to corporate to speak to payroll. Seems payroll was still paying me my old rate, so now I owe them more money! (your kidding, right?....uhm no!) She explains I haven't received anything in a month and can they cut me a check? Well, it seems payroll swears they paid me and have to look into their files.

So now, it's a week later... and I still have yet to receive a check. So yes, today I called out sick, and tomorrow I plan on doint the same because at least they have to pay me for my sick days. So that is at a minimum of 13 hours I will be paid for.

Now let me ask you... Irresponsible? or just trying to support my family?

Birthday Party

Well it's that time to start planning Mikey's birthday party. Last year was Nemo, the year before it was Elmo, and this year Mikey want's Caillou. The problem with Caillou is you can not find anything in stores. So now I am on a search for Caillou related products on the good old internet. I have come across quite a few things, however the pricing is ridiculous. So this leaves me to wonder, should I give him what he wants or try to talk him into something easier? I guess for now the search continues.

Potty Training 101

Me: Mom?
Mom: Hi Baby, what's up?
Me: Mom--
Mom: Mands, what's wrong?!
Me: Mom, how do you get urine out of a mattress?
Mom: What?
Me: *sigh* How do you clean urine from a mattress?
Mom: Why?
Me: Well, Mikey thought it would be a good idea to wear big boy underwear last night, after I put him to bed.
Mom: *uncontrollable laughter* I don't know.
Me: You don't know?
Mom: Check the internet.

And this is how I started my day. Cleaning my son's soiled mattress with shampoo, then using hydrogen peroxide to pull the stain out. I guess I should backtrack and explain why this happened. My son Mikey, will be 3 on June 20th, and I figured it was a good time to start really pushing the potty training. So yesterday I had him in big boy underwear. He did really good -- well that's an overstatement, but I will explain that later. Anyways I guess he seemed to think underwear would be good to sleep in too. This brings me to Potty Training 101. I am compiling a list of Rules to avoid this with my second son, Maximus.
Rule #1 ~ Keep underwear out of reach of children.
Rule #2 ~ Be careful what you use as an incentive.
Rule # 3 ~ Do not leave children unattended in the bathroom.
Rule # 4 ~ Watch how they play with toys.

Now for the explanations of all of the rules, I have stumbled upon so far.

Let me explain Rule #2. I went onto a bulletin board yesterday to get some advice on potty training. All the advice was really useful. They explained how often to ask, and to use rewards. For example M&M's. Well Mikey love's M&M's so I figured this would be a great incentive. I took him to the potty and told him if he made pee-pee he would get an M&M. Wow, he was real happy! He made pee-pee and ran to the kitchen extremely excited about his M&M. I gave him his M&M, and he looked at me shocked. He said "More p'ease" I told him he gets 1 M&M for pee-pee, and 2 M&M's for poopie. Well, after a huge temper tantrum, he went back into the potty and it took me 10 minutes to get him out. All he wanted were M&M's. I guess I need to find a new incentive.

This brings me to Rule #3. After dinner, I told Mikey to go potty. He came out naked and asked me to come into the bathroom with him. I did and his clothes were on the floor in front of the potty. I picked them up and they were soaked. I'm not sure if he missed the potty and got his clothes, or if he sat on the potty with his clothes on. I guess if I was there, I would have known.

And now for Rule #4. My son has one of those long light up lasers. He kept sticking it down his pants. Telling us "itchy butt". So again, I needed to sanitize.

Unfortunately, due to last night's accident (and me not knowing at what time it occured, Mikey doesn't get out of bed unless someone comes to get him. Good thing, I know) Mikey has a nice rash on him, and we had to cancel potty training for the day. We are taking a few days off and will reconvene on Sunday or Monday. Hopefully, I won't end up with that many more Rules.