Friday, May 19, 2006

Sick Day!!

I decided to call out of work sick today, although I feel fine. Some may say that my decision is irresponsible, but let me explain my story. I work in retail (high-end jewelry store) and before I gave birth to Maximus, I worked in Customer Service. After Max was born, and maternity leave was over Rob and I decided I should go back to work part time. So when I spoke to my manager it was okay. One afternoon, (shortly before I had to be in work) I received a phone call from my manager. She explained the only position she had available was Shipping (labor?!) and their would be a pay-cut of $3.50. (why over the phone?!) They would need a decision immediately. So what decision did I have? Could I have said no? If I did I would be out of a job, right? So now I tie the pretty white bow, on the pretty blue box. *ugh* Anyways, as if this wasn't enouhj to upset me? I now, have noy received a paycheck since April 14th. When did I change status to volunteer? I have children to support, bills to pay but does my billion dollar employer care? No, why should they?! When I didn't receive my first paycheck, I called payroll, and they told me when status changes from full-time to part-time; you owe the company, one weeks pay. (I owe them?) That my manager should have informed me. *dumbfounded*

Let me take you forward two weeks to my next pay period. I call the bank for my balance... still negative?! How could that be? I paid them already! A payroll deposit was made in the amount of $46.24 . This can't be right! I worked 40 hours during the pay period! I call and leave a message for my manager. The anxiety eating me up all day, I can still feel it. No call back all day. (This was 1 week ago, today) I get ready for work and get their at 5:50, 10 minute early so I can speak to my manager. She never called payroll!! I will have to wait until Monday. (Does she realize I have a negative bank balance and $7.00?) She feels bad, and on Tuesday she personally goes to corporate to speak to payroll. Seems payroll was still paying me my old rate, so now I owe them more money! (your kidding, right?....uhm no!) She explains I haven't received anything in a month and can they cut me a check? Well, it seems payroll swears they paid me and have to look into their files.

So now, it's a week later... and I still have yet to receive a check. So yes, today I called out sick, and tomorrow I plan on doint the same because at least they have to pay me for my sick days. So that is at a minimum of 13 hours I will be paid for.

Now let me ask you... Irresponsible? or just trying to support my family?