Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Child Is NOT OBESE!!!

This is my 4 year 3 month old Mikey. Mikey is 3 feet 4-1/2 inches tall and 44 pounds. I returned from his 4 year check up today extremely upset. The doctor told me his BMI was off the charts over the 95th% and that he was considered obese. Does he look obese, none the less fat to anyone??? When he stands up straight you can see his ribs!! He has big shoulders and has a thick solid frame but I would never consider him fat none-the-less obese. I had a trying day with him today. We had his psychological evaluation this morning for a learning disability (I will post about that in another journal) and then off to the doctors in the afternoon. Then I get asked if I want to be referred to a nutritionist. I denied. I am perfectly capable of knowing what is good food and what is bad. The doctor gave me some simple things to do to lower his weight but OBESE? I can not get past this LABEL being put on my 4 year old son!!

I am so angry right now!!!!

Sorry I needed to vent.