Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Psychological Evaluation

I have had a really rough day. It all started at 9:30 am when my son had a scheduled psychological exam. (Background: My son is 4 years old and showing signs of a learning disability so I took him to the schools child study team to see if anything needed to be done. They agreed that he does have an issue and we should do some further testing, one being a psych. evaluation.) So we get there and the school psychologist meets us in the main office. She greets Mikey and he shy's off which she is aware of. He is VERY shy. We get to the guidance office where the study team does the evaluations and she asks me to bring him into a smaller room. As soon as we enter she tells me to leave. Mikey went hysterical. He started screaming and crying and after a few minutes flew out of there and landed on my lap petrified and shaking. What psychologist traumatizes a introverted child like this. She makes me bring him back in the room and leave again. After a few minutes of hearing him cry she calls me in to calm him down. He begs me to take him home and now all of a sudden my child who couldn't wait to go to school now NEVER wants to go, ever again!! This went on for an hour. She asked me if he had tantrums like this at home and I said yes. She then questioned his learning and I explained that when you try to teach him things he gets frustrated and shuts down. He doesn't know his alphabet in order or basic comprehension like most children his age. HOWEVER...he loves to teach himself. I then explained how he taught himself how to add and subtract and he even knows by looking at the clock when it's time for lunch, dinner, bed and which of his shows are on tv. She then recommended I bring him to a neurologist. WTF is that??? She then tried to get him to look at her but he still wouldn't so she said we will try more next week and will send me a survey to fill out about his home behavior. She said she may get all she needs by what he displayed today and the survey, although she would like to see what his IQ results are.

So then I go to the doctor this afternoon with him. I explain everything and he gives me the name of a neurodevelopmental pediatrician and agrees that he has a disability. Also recommends he see's an audiologist to test his hearing.

So now here I am with a traumatized 4 year old. Who last night couldn't wait to be a big boy and go to school and now won't even watch the school bus drive by. My poor baby. I just want to hold him.