Friday, November 16, 2007

If you are unaware of my situation and want to understand the background, you can check my previous journal entry here.

I prepped him all week for this.

I tried to get him excited for it this time.

He knew what they were going to ask him questions.

He knew they wanted to play.

He was okay with it....


We were driving to the school and talking in the car about what we were going to be doing and he was looking forward to it. We pulled up to the school and he asked me where the fire truck was. (Last time they must have had the children learn about firemen) I explained that they aren't always there and we discussed how you learn different things at school. He held my hand as we got out of the car and we skipped to the door. They buzzed us into the school and we headed into the main office. He wanted his visitor sticker and was excited. Then we were told we can go down to the guidance office.

I opened the door and his whole mood changed. I sat down with the "teachers" and asked him to sit next to me. He grunted, pouted and picked up his arms like a toddler. He wanted to sit on my lap. I told him no and to sit in the chair next to me. He "hmphed" and sat on the floor cross-armed. I asked him to get up and aagain he raised his hands at me. I told him no again. One of the teachers asked if I could swich where I was trying to get him to sit. I got up and he sat in my seat. Everyone moved around him.

Without trying to ease him in or anything. They started right with a puzzle throwing it in front of him and asking him questions. He grabbed a hold of the table with a kung-fu grip and put his head down making his evil look that disturbs me. I covered his eyes and asked him to please stop and do the simple puzzle. He just sat there.

After a few minutes the teacher decided to try letting him draw to get him comfortable. He loves to draw so I figured it wouyld work. After 5 minutes of head still down and kung fu grip they decided to try going to motor skills.

They asked him to run down the hall. He still didn't budge. The teacher tried topick him out of his seat and I asked her to allow me to do it because he is very strong and I didn't want her to get hurt. I pried the kung fu grip off the table. I tried to get him to stand and he dropped himself to the floor. To try and get him to run I walked down the hall and asked him to run to me. There's a side hallway so I said I was leaving and kind of hid so he would run. Instead...he crawled down the hall to me like a baby. Then he lifted his arms for me to pick him up. I told him no.

I then hid off with him and had a talk with him as he chewed on his nails and his shirt. I told him that they were very nice and all they wanted to do was play with him. I asked him if he could do that for me and he told me no. He dropped himself to the floor. I tried over and over to pick up his dead-weight body to standing but he refused to let his feet make contact with the floor. After a few minutes of struggling with 44 lbs of dead weight I gave up and walked back into the area where the teachers were waiting and listening.

They decided instead of trying to force him to do things they would just ask me questions about his development since I've been completely honest and not trying to make him seem "better" than he is. We discussed everything and they told me that hopefully they can at least get the speech evaluation completed since that was my major concern. I said hopefully since the speech therapist is coming to my home wer will have better results. They thanked me for coming.

I picked up my dead weight child off the ground and asked him if he wanted to go to Starbucks. As soon as we left that office he came alive again. We discussed all the children's artwork on the walls and the importance of going to school. He doesn't think he needs to go back ever but would like to do the art projects on the walls.

I don't know how I am going to get him ready for kindergarten next year. My poor baby is really anti-school.