Friday, November 30, 2007

Mother or Monster

With the new law in Mass. trying to be passed I have noticed in a lot of groups that the discussion of spanking has become an open topic. For years I wasn't sure if it was appropriate or not although I was spanked as a child. It just seemed to be a hushed subject. I likied it that way. No one needing to judge how I parent my children or sharing their spanking stories.

Now I see mothers bragging about how they spank. They are proud of it. I have spanked my children, yes I have....BUT I am not proud of it. I don't brag about it or tell others to do it too. I spank according to the problem. If other forms have been repeated and my children still don't understand I try different forms of punishment to teach them a lesson. Spanking is ALWAYS a last resort. It usually doesn't work either. I have found it only works when used because my child has hit another. If my child bites....I bite them back. I don't leave marks on them. Just enough to let them know how it feels and why they shouldn't do it.

I was originally against this ban because I wasn't sure I liked someone telling me how to raise my children. A slight swat on the butt is not what they are looking to ban. I think I finally realized this. Reading how mothers spank their children for accidents and out of anger has disgusted me and THIS is what they are trying to stop! The ban may be able to keep kids safe in public as well as make parents try to find other forms of punishment.

When potty training...your children will have accident. Reassure them that accidents happen and next time try going a little earlier. Don't spank your child. You will push them back a few steps.

Your child spills their milk at the table....Don't spank them. Give them a towel and have them help clean it up. I'm 28 years old and I still spill things.

ACCIDENTS HAPPEN and they should be a learning experience....not a reason to spank!

If you are going to spank.....Learn to spank with love!