Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mikey qualified!

I received an email this morning from the child study team at the elementary school.

Hope all is well!
As we're finishing up Michael's evaluations, I would like to schedule a time to meet to review all evaluations and recommendations from therapists. Would Thursday, December 20 at 8:15 work for you? All evaluations will be sent home to you prior to the meeting for your review.
Also, Michael is eligible for the program. In order for him to begin, he will have to be registered in our schools. If you follow this link, all the information is provided as to what you need to do to have Michael registered as a student in the FP schools.
Michael can begin following the holiday break if he is registered. Please feel free to call/email if you have any questions regarding registration or setting up the eligibility meeting.
Thank you!
Sounds great...if you weren't me! I originallly brought him for a speech evaluation. They decided he needed more evaluations behavioral, psychological and placement as well. They didn't go all! (see past journals)
Mikey is scheduled for his speech evaluation on Tuesday so they determined this on the other evaluations. I know it's best for him but I guess I wasn't ready to hear that there is another problem. Me looking for answers is one thing...them agreeing....a total other.
Well then I started stressing how I would get him to school. My car only fits 2 kids and I can't leave one of them so I emailed her back with all my concerns. She told me he is eligible for bus service and they have a preschool bus. Only preschoolers on it and an aide. That made me feel a little better but how do you not stress your baby getting on a bus? He's shy and I worry he is going to have a hard time with this.
I guess I need to wait until the 20th to see what evaluations and recomendations they have for him. I know it's good that I get help now, I'm just worried about my baby.
My mom is going out and buying him new school clothes, and school supplies to help with the transition. It's only 2.5 hours a day. I guess I could look on the bright side. I can leave my house for 2 hours a day with the boys!!