Thursday, December 6, 2007

Are kids smarter today than when you were their age?

What is considered smarter? Learning how to spell your name in Preschool? Learning a foreign language in Kindergarten? Being able to operate a computer?

What about the things I was taught when I was a child? The things that really matter. So what if I don't know a foreign language or I don't know the difference between x-box and PlayStation.

I was taught how to use my imagination. Now children have toys that speak for them, walk, and act life like.

I was taught how to build things. Now, children don't want to waste their time building go-carts and things because you can buy a ride-on toy with specialized motors, real sounds etc for a couple hundred dollars!

I was taught how to share. Now, children don't need to share because gaming systems and the games that you play on them are usually for 1 player. So now a parent with more than 1 child has to buy 2...One for each bedroom.

I exercised daily. Where are the children now? I was kicked out of the house after school and on weekends and was not allowed inside until the street lights came on. We were forced to run around, play tag, and make friends. I can drive down any street in my area on any nice day and not 1 child will be outside. Again...they are inside on those "learning toys" or with their game systems.

I learned science outside of the classroom! I made mud pies and dissected bugs and made army paint out of lightning bugs. Where are kids now, again?

I received an allowance...because I deserved it! Children still get allowances now. Not according to what they did around the house but by what other parents are paying. Even if they don't do anything at all!

I learned to love my body and myself. Now...16 year old girls are getting breast implants for their birthdays, nose jobs because their nose is a little crooked or bumpy. Teenage girls are afraid to eat a cookie or anything else for that matter because they are afraid of the calories, or worst...GETTING FAT!

I learned that "bad guys" are out there and how to run the other way if confronted. Now, children learn from the news how to bring a gun to school and take out their issues improperly.

I learned the meanings of all holidays for all religions. Now everyone is too afraid of being politically correct or upsetting another religion is allowed in schools. Soon it won't be allowed in schools.

I was taught to respect those older than me. I still do! I don't remember the last time I heard a teenager now call an older man sir or older women ma'am. Or a young child call their neighbors Mr/Mrs. So-and so. Not to mention the disrespect children show their parents.

I was taught values. I was taught the meaning of a dollar. I was taugh magic tricks and how to build a fort. I was taught how to make a fire without a match. I learned how to change a tire because I didn't have a cell phone to call someone to do it. I can go on and on, but I will stop here.

So ask me again...Do I think children are smarter now than when I was a kid? No. I think they are just "programmed" better!


Brandie said...

I couldn't agree more!! There are so many things I think kids these days miss out on or aren't taught that would be valuable. I was raised the same way, with an allowance I earned and celebrating religious holidays (and knowing the meaning of them!), and playing outside all.the.time, and using my imagination because I didn't have video games. And it's so sad that kids now don't learn any of that.