Friday, December 7, 2007

and I'm no Carol Brady or June Cleaver.

Sure, I love to cook but I don't wear in apron in the kitchen. I never tried vacuuming in a dress with heels....maybe it would make the job less tedious? Geeze, I don't even put on make-up or get dressed if I'm not going anywhere! I don't wake up before my husband to hand him the morning paper and make his coffee when he can manage the coffee machine all by himself. I yell at my children when they are bad and I don't sugar coat everything and make them believe that the world is perfect.

So, Who is my favorite fictional mom? I would have to say Lynette Scavo from Desperate Housewives.

Okay, so you may not agree that she is the best example of a great mom, but lets face it, Lynette has three boys who many would describe as the devils child, a baby girl and is now caring for her hubby's illegitimate daughter. You probably at least know of children like the Scavo brothers....I gave birth to some myself. Lynette loves her kids and does the best she can to get her troubled kids to behave – even if she has to leave them on the side of the road to teach them a valuable lesson.

She is also a supportive wife who has a good relationship with her husband. They can discuss anything openly. They fight about money, children, work, roles and everything that couples do fight about. They just know that it's okay to disagree.

She is a dedicated mother, strong wife, good step-mom and will go the distance for her friends. So what if her clothes have stains and she goes shopping in sweats...she has her values and knows that her family is the most important thing to live for.

So why would I possibly find any other fictional mother to be a better "Mommy Role Model."


Brandie said...

the nicest thing i do for my hubby is keep the house clean, make his coffee (sometimes...but he knows how the heck to do it on his own) and maybe pack his lunch on occassion. times have changed for the better! thank god for self-sufficient men. lol.

i haven't been a Desperate Housewives watcher. i kinda wish i had gotten into it, but it's not a show you can just pick up in the middle like a soap opera. you gotta watch it from the beginning or i know i'd be totally confused.