Friday, November 9, 2007

No Poison for Christmas

Due to all the recent recalls, I have decided there will be no toys for my children for Christmas.

This year we will be enjoying the spirit of Christmas and I will be teaching my children the real meaning. The boys will learn the story of Jesus. They will make puppets and act out the story. We will bake cookies and make gifts for family. We will sing songs and put up a tree. They will even get to go see Santa but on Christmas morning they will know that there will be no toys under the tree.

I will explain (since they are so young) that Santa's workshop is broken and no toys will be made this year. Will they get presents? Of course! But the presents will be clothes, books, movies, maybe computer games and arts and crafts. They will go into the new year learning how to use there imagination and how to make forts and things out of everyday things. Is the hottest toys out therereally worth the riskto my children? No. If things go right, they won't be disappointed come Christmas morning, either.