Thursday, June 11, 2009

First "Little League" Pics

"Take me out to the ball game..."

Well this is Mikey's first season of tee-ball and it has been a wash-out. He probably had 3 or 4 practices and 1 game. The season is ending in two weeks and judging from the forecast I think baseball is behind us for the year.

He didn't really enjoy the game as much as the time with his friends but at the ending he was starting to show more interest. Its disappointing that he couldn't get a full season in, he may have really grown to love it.

Well, today I received his pics in the mail and I just had to share them. I'm a little upset that the photographer had the kids facing the sun because Mikey is squinting pretty hard but it's still cute. I think it looks like he has "a look." LOL What do you think of my handsome boy and his amazing team. Aren't they an adorable bunch? I am such a proud Mama, not only of my son but of the whole team. They really did a great job for the few practices they had. Now let's just hope they can get a few more in and the sun will work with us the next two weeks.

His Magazine Cover

His Team Pic


Jo said...

Congrats and so sweet!

Holli said...

So cute!!! I love his baseball sneer.... ;) He's a natural!! LOL