Friday, June 5, 2009

"Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold."

It's been a crazy, hectic, depressing, rainy, cabin-fevery, sick kid, down in the dumps kind of week. I've been trying all week to search my soul for inspiration to get past this rut I've been in.

This morning I had a good cry and that seemed to help, but more about that tomorrow. Tonight, I had an amazing family night. Good movie followed by dancing with the boys. I took some pics and will post them tomorrow. Did I mention that I have a camera now? My mom is one awesome woman and let me borrow hers until I get a new one. (Thanks Mom <3)

Well I'm supposed to be having cuddle time with hubby but I just wanted to thank all of you new and old for giving me laughs and smiles this week. xoxxoo


Brandie said...

It's so awesome to hear that you had a good night with your family! I'm sorry this week has been so hard - and hope for a better one for you next week!
ps...All of your comments on goodreads and my blog put a big smile on my face. Thank you for that! I feel so lucky to have met so many great friends lately :)

Holli said...

You are so very welcome!