Monday, June 15, 2009

Longing For Our Nights

This weekend my oldest will be 6 and my youngest will be 2. I probably will be doing a lot of reflecting on my kids this week. To start out the week, I wanted to share a poem I wrote last year for all of them.

Longing For Our Nights

As you lay at night dreaming,
Peaceful and asleep.
I tiptoe to your bedside,
Quietly so you do not stir.

I bend down beside you,
And admire your angelic face.
I sit there for a moment,
Reflecting on our day.

These moments go by so quickly,
My days always seem fast paced.
I step over you to do things,
Sometimes ignore you call my name.

I leave to go to work at night,
Although I hear you scream.
But, at night when you are sleeping,
We share this little routine.

As you lay there dreaming,
I sit on the corner of your bed.
I rub your back, stroke your face,
And kiss your tender cheek.

I listen to you breathing,

and remind you that I love you.
I look forward to it each evening,
I await my time with you.

I’ll always cherish our special nights,
This quiet time we share.
I love you baby forever,
and always I’ll be there.


Lit and Life said...

My "babies" are 20, 17 and 14 and I still watch them sleeping as often as I can! When they were little, I did it every night and I had would plant a kiss on their foreheads and I a little goodnight saying for each of them. No matter what kind of day they've had, when you see them sleeping, you can't help but forgive them. Then they are all angels.


nacherluver said...

How beautiful! And how great that "Danny's Song" was playing while I read. My baby is turning five in a few weeks and I'm so teary eyed lately! My baby is getting her first loose tooth! Time is a funny thing. Goes by so slow and then so very fast!

RoseisRose said...

Thats lovely. I know how you feel, my oldest just turned 5 this past week... it does go too fast... every moment with them is a joy.